Have you already tried harsh chemicals or a visit to your doctor? Still think it's cheaper to battle lice on your own? Let's take a look at average costs.

Typical Expenses

  • Lost wages missing two days of work.
  • Retail lice treatments containing pesticides. Keep in mind you must repeat these in a week, so you'll be buying multiple treatments.
  • Copay if you choose to see your pediatrician.
  • Prescription lice treatments containing pesticides.
  • Spike in your water bill after washing linens.
  • You cannot begin to describe a cost associated with the fear, stress, embarrassment, and frustration parents feel.
For most families, the total costs exceed $820! Worse, you run the risk of doing it all again if you miss a single nit.

We offer affordable, safer, more effective, and stress-free solutions to help you and your family.

Comb Out Lice Treatment: $150
Followup Visit: Included
30 Day Guarantee

YourConvenienceWe'll travel! Local or home lice removal.

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Nit's End was a blessing after trying store-bought products and the lice kept spreading to the rest of the family.

Angela A.